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More meaningful connections begin with two individuals who have great chemistry. If you're struggling with the dating scene, then it's time to join My LGBT Dating. You'll get better personality matches and perfect dating options that could lead to something special. Subscribe today and plan your first date.


If you want to make a real connection with someone on My LGBT Dating, then we have the tools to make your dreams come true. But only subscribers can unlock these features that help to reach the next level with their online dating experience.

What matters more is a revealing online dating profile. It's important to express your feelings and personal convictions, which should increase the chances of getting more interactive contact from other subscribers that could transform into future dates.

Share what you're passionate about. Describe, what you're looking for in a relationship or possible dating companion. What are your favorite restaurants? What type of music do you listen to? What movie genre is your favorite? Subscribers want to know because they could be your ideal dating companion.

Take the first step in finding true love by making an impression and completing an online profile of yourself. Keep the conversation going!


You'll begin receiving potential dating matches once you have completed your online profile. It's important to stand out from the competition because that will increase the amount of inquires from other subscribers. Try to offer the same amount of information that you would share on a first date. Honesty is the best policy as it will allow your personality to shine. Don't worry about spoiling your first date as you need to impress someone to get that chance.

Add a photo to your online profile to let other subscribers see what you look like. Try expressing your personality through images as it's so much easier for others get to know you better.


The finish line is just ahead. Ditch the random searches for quality LGBT dating options as it should never be like an online shopping adventure. My LGBT Dating can match you with someone based on compatibility. Stop dating the wrong person and start dating the perfect match.

Don't get cold feet, create an online dating profile at My LGBT Dating as it could be the best move of your life.


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Meet our team

Our team is unapologetic in their dating habits because they go after what they want in a person. They're great at their jobs because they want to lift others who are struggling on the LGBT dating scene. The goal is to assist subscribers to match with someone and hopefully a few dates turn into a meaningful relationship. Take the chance and seek out your perfect match.



I love helping people find the right one. Travel frequently and drink my tea.



I like people. Reads a lot of books and makes my own beer.


Lead Developer

I am responsible for the way things work on the website. Love to code and do things so you don't have to think. You can concentrate on finding the right one.

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Business Owner

"Everyone should be able to express themselves in their own words and have the opportunity to find love. My LGBT Dating app offered me to meet someone who respects and appreciates all of me."



Bus driver

"My LGBT Dating allowed me to create an online profile that truly defines me as a person. This wonderful dating app has taken an important step to advance the LGBT community in our society. It's a place to meet people that hopefully turns into a lasting relationship."




"I was fed up with the LGBT dating scene, but apprehensive in joining an online dating app. What a foolish mistake as I can proudly say that I have gained everything in a relationship found on My LGBT Dating. And two years later, I'm still with this amazing man. What do you have to lose...join My LGBT Dating now."


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