Are you trying to find a dating app that caters to the LGBTQ+ community? The best dating app in the world created specifically for you is My LGBTQ Dating.

About Us

My LGBT Dating is a dating app with the goal of fostering friendships and romantic connections among members of the LGBT community. One of the most popular dating applications for the LGBT community is My LGBTQ Dating, with more than 100 000 members. 

The app has many features that facilitate hookups and social interaction. Users of The LGBT Dating application can make and receive private instant messages, live video calls, images, and videos. 

My LGBT Dating, according to 97% of LGBT people, has helped them learn more about their sexual orientation and gender identity. Nine out of 10 LGBT young people indicated they feel comfortable using this app. 

We at My LGBTQ Dating offer a welcoming and accepting environment to every homosexual, bisexual, and transgender individual on their quest for exciting dates, forming friends, and falling in love.

Connecting LGBTQ individuals to the world and one another is our mission. 

Today, My LGBT Dating proudly embodies a cutting-edge LGBT way of life that is moving into new media. We continue to forge ahead, innovating in ways that significantly impact our community, whether it be on social issues or original material. We at My LGBT have developed a secure environment where you may learn about, explore, and get as close to the LGBT community as possible.

Our Approach

Singles can use various communication tools on My LGBT Dating to connect and start relationships. We give members the means and resources to communicate. Like any dating app, it all begins with creating a profile that includes a photo and personal information. The next step is to find your perfect partner. Once users get interested in one another, they can communicate using Live Chat and a direct message depending on what is comfortable for them.

The privacy and security of every member are guaranteed because all activity takes place on a secure, dependable, and safe network. Additionally, our customer service team is always available to answer any questions.

FAQ: My LGBT Dating

What is The LGBT Dating all about?

The app helps individuals of the LGBT community to build meaningful connections, lasting friendships, and romantic ties.

Can I use the app for free?

No, customers must pay before they can begin using the app, and the payment schedule might be either monthly or yearly. It will enable the app users to take advantage of a number of app features.

How do I begin using The LGBT Dating app

Registering for this site is easy. Just fill in your details on the application provided, and you will have your new account set up for you in no time.

How can I contact customer service? 

If you have any queries or inquiries, please call us at +46 764 421 732 or send a mail:, nr. 9,45678 Chicago USA. We will do all in our power to assist you.