My LGBT Dating thrives on bringing together potential love interests from all over. We’re proud of the many love stories that started because of our dating site. With an evergrowing audience, we’re going to need some more people to deliver great stories for the website.

When it comes to our articles, we’re looking for people from all backgrounds to showcase their experiences with relationships and love. Before sending in any applications, however, there are some important rules for helping us deliver great content to read:

– Your content has to be 100% original. Taking another person’s work as your own isn’t fun for everyone involved, and it can lead to some trouble. While you’ve probably written great articles around love and relationships elsewhere, we’re looking for something original for this website. To get an understanding of what we post, check out our previous articles here.

-If you have samples, don’t be afraid to send them our way. We would love to see your writing skills. Even if you don’t have any previous writing samples in the romance field, we still want to view your work.

– When it comes to your articles, you’re allowed to write about your personal experiences in romance. Putting your own personal touch will make the article have a stronger impact on the reader when it’s done. If you’re not in the mood to discuss your personal life, that’s fine with us. Writing a fact-based article is always great as well. Compiling a slew of facts together for one engaging article will have readers coming back for more.

– We’re not here for posting bite-sized articles. While a quick 200-word piece can work here and there, we want the readers to truly get a grasp on your engaging topic. The best articles will run for at least 700 words.

– After your article is posted on our website, don’t forget to share it on your social media accounts. It would be terrible to put so much effort into a piece only to not share it with the world.

– Understand that your articles might be returned to you for possible rewrites. Don’t get upset if we return one of your pieces, though. This is a common thing with blog posts. We’re looking to bring out the best in our writers.

If you’re ready to submit your resume, be sure to contact us: