Finding Mr. Right may seem like it is a dream for a lot of women, but believe it or not this actually does happen. The problem that comes up is the women are so used to dating the losers they have trouble realizing that Mr. Right is smacking them right in the face. Here is some of the ways that you will be able to tell if you have found Mr. Right or if you should start to go back to the drawing board and the dating ranks, instead of settling for something that you do not deserve.

5. He is able to hang out with your friends on a friendly level. Okay, well most of the time the guys will want to hang out with your friends, but they typically will feel like they are being the third wheel. So when the guy is able to hang out with the friends and not seem like they are completely out of place, then it may start to prove that he is a keeper and this can make it easier for you to get the feedback from your friends as well as to what they think of him as well.

4. Does not act like he is super clingy and always in need. While you do want to have a guy keep an eye on you, you do not want to have a guy that is basically going to be hanging on your arm each and every time you go somewhere. So you want to make sure the guy is confident enough in your relationship that he is not going to become a nag and constantly bug you about what you are doing and where you are doing it at.

3. Acts like a gentleman should be acting. Most of the time the guys are going to get their mind on a single thing that the ladies have and this is when they will start to get bossy and not really want to listen to what is going on. However, if the guy is really Mr. Right, and not Mr. Wrong, they will act exactly like a gentleman. So the girls will be respected and not have to be concerned about getting upset because of how he is actin.

2. Supports the choices that the ladies have made. Normally the ladies have never thought about this before, but they are going to want to have the support of their loved ones. When people are able to get these guys to support their choices, they do not have to be concerned about upsetting other people.

1. Finally the ladies will know they have found Mr. Right when they feel good about the relationship. Often the guys will be treating the lady like a queen and this is often going to be the clue that she needs to have.


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