Look the Part

Rich men want a woman who is comfortable in their social world. Learn to look the part! Keep your hair and nails perfectly maintained. Make sure your clothing is fashionable but not so revealing as to be trashy. Your accessories matter as well. Handbags, shoes, and jewelry are critically important details of yoru overall persona. Choose timeless, elegant pieces over flashy, trendy pieces that can sometimes be interpreted as gaudy. Keep makeup to a minimum to highlight your best features. Your goal should be an overall look that is classy, polished, and enviable.

Be Engaging

Rich men often have high pressure jobs that require a great deal of education and knowledge. They are looking for women who are bright, engaging, and funny. Keep up on current events at home and around the world. The “ditzy blonde” routine is funny in movies but wealthy men aren’t looking for someone who can’t hold their own in a private or social conversation. In public, keep your controversial opinions to yourself, but behind closed doors feel free to engage in well-informed spirited debate with your man. He will appreciate your ability to keep it classy in public and interesting in private.

Have Your Own Interests

Rich men do not have time to entertain you. It’s imperative that you have your own interests and pursuits to keep you immersed in worthwhile work. Consider this – how did Amul Alamuddin capture the interest of self-declared, forever bachelor George Clooney? She is an independent, educated woman with her own work. You don’t have to be an international human rights attorney like Alamuddin, but you do need to have something to do that enlivens you and makes you unique. Rich men don’t need someone to clean their homes; they can hire that out. They need someone who is accomplished in her own right.

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