Lots of people like animals. That’s because they are genuinely honest and mostly good-natured. As a result, people will open up around pets far faster then if they are just standing near someone they don’t know otherwise. This is why pets have been used for years to create introductions among folks who otherwise would not quite have anything else to talk about at first.

Of course using a pet to date is not quite a matter of just throwing a pet out like a fish bait and hoping for a hook. The best way to start is first to find a place where pets can be brought that also has a good amount of people eligible to date. While dog parks are available in some towns, they are often frequented by older folks. Regular city parks are better, particularly very urban ones, but the dog has to be kept on a leash at all times in most venues.

On the other hand, if someone does know a person he or she would like to date, say at the office or in a regular setting, a good way to start an introduction is to invite them out for a dog pet day. This assumes, of course, the other person has a dog, but if so, it’s a good way to have a harmless first meeting. There’s no obligation in showing up, and most dog owners like the idea of at least getting a chance to give their pet some air with some canine friends.

Clearly, one doesn’t want to bring a dog into the mix that doesn’t do well with other dogs or people. That can actually make a situation go sour. So if a person has such a dog, skip the pet approach entirely. There’s just too much risk the dog will nip another one or worse, a person. And that can be a big turn off real quick.


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