The dating website frenzy has spread to the naturist or nudist community. It is obvious why naturists would want an online site to mix, meet and begin. Any anxiety jitters or negative feelings about meeting another nudist are dissolved easily and painlessly online. The following are some tips regarding finding like souls online:

“Don’t Take Just One”

You should not join only one nudist internet dating web site, because that limits opportunities of meeting a quality someone, and leaves no room for mistakes in the process. When you open more than one free account on dating websites you can experiment with your profile and intro, then settle on your best by trial and error. You can also find out which site has the most nude singles in your town or nearby. Then update.

Post Your Clear, Best Photo

If you don’t put your photo out there, you are shooting yourself in the foot at the beginning of the race! If you doubt that, use “no photo” as one of your variables in your multiple sites trial and error.

Work Your Profile Like the Intro It is

Many newcomers to the online dating sites give too little important information about their lifestyle, character, interests, education, personality and goals. Others give too much. Do tell them about yourself, what you like, want, enjoy, and why. Do not give someone you met online your address, names of family or your workplace, until you have met at a publicly neutral place and you have turned all your instincts and alerts on high before making that decision.

Use the Site, Not ESP

Nudist online daters who don’t login often and regularly are missing out. Most nudist internet dating services show how many days it has been since you logged in, to let others know how determined and interested you are in finding a special someone. Logging in every day tells site you are sincerely determined to find someone on their site. The benefit is if they reward you by putting your profile in a dominant spot or even on their home page.

You absolutely, positively could meet someone on a dating website and start a relationship, when you do it as it should be done.

And yes, wear clothes on your first date, unless it is at a naturist colony.


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