The twenty-something years as a Millenial: welcome to a decade full of romantic love games, heartbreaks, bizarre social media interactions from less-than-appealing local singles, and finally, the hope of meeting your true love before your 30s. But really, it’s not all bad. The following tips ring true to dating life in your 20s. Whether you’re searching for a soul mate, or still figuring out your sexuality, your 20s will bring lots of excitement and passion.

10. Stay fit. You no longer have the lithe body of your high-school years. You’ll notice a gradual decline of energy in your 20s, especially if you work late, watch Netflix all night, and fail to keep up with your college varsity sport drills. A fit body is an attractive one, so make time to keep active.

9. Go to sophisticated bars. A bar can be a quaint meet-up spot with live music and trendy cocktails. Or, it can be replica of a frat house or sorority house with sweaty people pressed up against the wall. As a twenty-something, opt for a sophisticated nightlife spot where you can enjoy conversation, and not end up in drunken shambles.

8. Use social media wisely. Social media apps and sites such as Tinder, OKCupid,, and all proclaim easy ways to meet singles. While Tinder is seen more as a hook-up app thanks to its casual swipe function, others truly customize your dating matches. Either way, be respectful on social media, and be cautious.

7. Turn off your phone. When you’re actually on a date, turn off the social media. It’s rude and distracting, and might ruin your chances of a second date.

6. Be safe with sex. You’ve heard it before. Using birth control and condoms save you from embarrassing STDs, pregnancy scares, and overall anxiety. Today, women have a variety of safe birth control options, from the pill to a IUDs.

5. Go on dates. Lots of them. The first date is harmless. Meet up in public places to feel safe and avoid awkward, intimate situations.

4. Host parties. Invite coworkers, friends from home, that person you met on the subway, and apartment neighbors. You never know who will show up.

3. Join a community. Do you work all day, then come home and sit on the couch with a bag of chips? Get out there and join a community beyond your work life. Try charity gatherings, fitness classes, book clubs, gaming clubs, or theater troupes.

2. Don’t settle. Meeting someone is easy. So is settling with someone. What’s hard is narrowing down what you want and want you don’t want, and saying goodbye when you know you can do better.

1. Consider your future. Ooh, that sounds ominous. In your 20s, especially after graduating college, the future is an unknown territory riddled with Roth IRAs, school loans, and revived appearances of high school friends you no longer wish to associate with. Take a deep breath and think about your romantic future. Do you want to be married? Would you rather stay single? Do you want kids? These are realistic questions to ask, and intentionally dating someone who is willing to ask those same questions might alleviate some unknowns.


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