Dating an older gay male can be complex.  Young gay males who want to date older gay males need to know the rules of the game and how to play.  Dating an older gay man is much different from dating an older gay man.  Here are six things gay males need to keep in mind when they are dating older men.

6. Examine Your Previous Relationship Etiquette 
Past relationships should remain in the past, but there are many things you can learn from previous relationships.  The previous relationships can help you perfect future relationships.  Think about some of the situations that took a turn for the worst and how changing a few things would be beneficial for the next relationship.  Regardless of who is at fault for the relationship ending, learn from the mistakes that were made and be sure not to bring them into a new relationship.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Live Your Life
There are not too many men who will value the relationship that is dark and gloomy.  An older male has experience in many aspects of a relationship.  One of the last things an older male wants to experience is an unhappy relationship.  Older men want to live life and experience new things without feeling old which is why they are attracted to younger men.

4. Determine if You Are Ready for a Relationship
Men believe they are ready for a relationship but when they involve themselves intimately with another man, often they find out they are not as prepared as they thought.  Men make the mistake of jumping from one relationship to another without taking the time to reflect and collect their thoughts.  Jumping from one relationship to the next can cause a new relationship to become a disaster before two males get to know each other.

3. Don’t Bail at the First Sign of Trouble
Every relationship experiences troubles and problems.  If you leave at the instant you smell trouble, you may not be ready for a relationship.  A relationship that experiences problems can potentially become stronger if both parties in the relationship are willing to work through their differences and compromise.

2. Know What You Want
A man who knows what he wants will succeed.  Young gay males who are curious about the gay lifestyle do not interest older gay men.  Older gay men want young men who know what they want and are not afraid to go and get what they desire.  Being shy differs from being a “go getter”.

1. Take Responsibility for Your Actions
Young gay males excite older gay men because they are eye candy. One thing that older gay men will not tolerate is a childish young man.  A young gay male who is responsible for their actions intregues older gay males and is a sign of maturity.

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