One way to really communicate to your date that this time together is important to you is to prepare in advance. Do not leave the progress of your date to chance.

  1. If you know the area where you are going, check online for events scheduled in the area. Get at least three suggestions to ask your date’s opinion. If your date leaves it up to you, be organized and make arrangements. Your date is saying that he or she is trusting you to surprise them with a fun time. Make reservations if needed. If you’re traveling a distance and need gas, take care of it before you pick up your date. Another big preparation detail is cleaning out your vehicle before a date.
  1. Check your local magazine for celebrity appearances, one night classes available at a local college or even a cooking class at a local boutique. It’s a big boost in points for your date if you know they enjoy a certain comedian who is appearing locally, or and event that is happening soon. Be sure you only spring your intentions as a surprise if you are positive this is a favorite of theirs. If you have doubts, take about it in advance . Also, think about if your date needs to wear certain clothing to be comfortable on your date, flat shoes or hiking boots, swimwear or sunscreen, or an extra jacket.
  2. Talk to a friend or relative of your date-to-be, to find out if she likes certain sports, then surprise her with tickets.The more you tailor your dating plans to your date’s personality and preferences, the better chance of getting to know the real person. Having a date pretend to enjoy the activity “for your sake” is not an optimum way to getting to know one another. So, if you cannot talk to a friend, text your date with some brief questions.


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