Love and attraction have no age. You can fall in love with someone of any age, as long as the attraction is there. If you find yourself in love with an older man, the rules are a bit different than if you had fallen for a man who is your age. If you want to make your relationship with an older man work, and make sure that he is in the relationship for the right reason, there are a few tips that you should follow.

#1 Make Sure That He is Good For You

When you are dating an older man, you may be worried that you are not right for him. He is older and wiser, making you wonder if you should try to become what he wants a woman to be. This is a mistake. By losing yourself, and becoming the person that he wants you to be is wrong. You should be with someone who you can be yourself with, even if it is not the older man that you have fallen for.

#2 Do Not Be His Trophy Girlfriend

If you find that he is paying your bills and only coming to see you for sex, chances are you are a trophy to him. Some men enjoy being with younger women because it strokes their ego. When you are dating an older man, be sure that your opinion matters to him, and that he is coming to you for much more than just sex. You want to feel that you are his equal, and not just someone that he enjoys showing off out in public and at social functions.

#3 Don’t Assume that He is going to Use You

While it is true that some older men use younger women as trophies, not all men are like that. Do not automatically assume that you are his trophy. There are many men who date younger women and treat them as an equal.

#4 Call Him Out if Need Be

In every relationship there will be disagreements. If you are dating an older man, and you believe that you are right, let him know. Many women who date older men believe that because he is older and wiser, that he is never wrong. This is not true. Nobody is right all of the time, and it is up to you to call him out when he is wrong.

#5 Avoid the Jealous Type

Jealousy does not have an age limit. People at any age can be jealous. If you are dating an older man, you need to watch out for signs of jealousy. Due to the age difference, you will both have different energy levels. You may want to go out to the club at 11pm, and your older boyfriend may be ready to settle in the night and go to bed. You want to make sure that he will understand this, and will not start with jealous rants when you want to act your age.

#6 Don’t Assume that He is the Marrying Type

It is important to understand that just because he is older, he may not be ready to settle down. Some older men enjoy the bachelor life, and have no desire to settle down. If you are dating an older man simply because you think he will be more likely to get married than a younger man, you could be making a mistake.

#7 Make Sure You Both Want the Same Things

It is important to have the talk regarding marriage and children. You do not want to waste years with this person, only to find out that marriage and children are not in his future plan, when they are in yours.

#8 Tread Lightly With His Children

If the older man that you are dating has children, it is important to tread lightly. You do not want to come in, trying to be a mother to his children. They already have one. You should be their friend. This will keep things civil between you and their children’s mother as well.

#9 Don’t Make Age Jokes

Older men are just as sensitive as younger men. It is a bad idea to make jokes about his age. Even joking about his first gray hair can make him uncomfortable.

#10 Enjoy Learning from Each Other

Because of the age gap, there are things that you can learn from each other. He may not know much about the younger lifestyle, music, and movies. You may not know about these things that were popular when he was your age. There are a great deal of things that you can learn from each other, and you should enjoy it.

Dating an older man does not need to be doomed from the beginning. As long as you go into the relationship with your eyes wide open, and follow a few simple tips, you can have a wonderful relationship.

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