4. Accept the Difference

A lot of people are surprised when a few issues occur in their relationship because they are not expecting it.  When you are dating someone of another race, you have to consider their culture and way of life just as they will have to consider yours.  The issue may come about when the time comes to compromise.  Being an outsider looking in on another person’s culture can be difficult to understand.  One thing you cannot do is fight the differences between the both of you.  You must accept them and try to find a way to co-exist.

3. Consider the Other Person’s Feelings

A person’s feelings are usually strong.  Hurting someone’s feelings is a lot easier to do than taking the time to understand where they are coming from.  Take the time to consider the other person’s feelings.  Their thoughts, emotions, and views on certain situations and subjects may not match your own, but every person goes though life with different experiences which causes them to have their own thoughts and opinions.  The only thing you can do in this situation is respect their feelings.  Although you may not understand why they think and feel the way they do, you have to respect it.

2. Thicken Your Skin for the Trials Ahead

Interracial couples are accepted a lot more in today’s society than they once were, but there are still people who will make rude remarks and comments.  Don’t be surprised if the rude remarks come from someone in your family or your date’s family.  Everyone does not have the same outlook on life and opinions will vary.  Don’t expect everyone to change with the times and accept things that were once frowned upon by society.  Instead of pleading your case and explaining your love for one another, thicken your skin and let the rude and racial comments roll off like water.

1. Never Lose Communication

Communication is an important factor in any relationship, especially interracial relationships.  Communication is one of the most important things to remember in an interracial relationship because there are many situations that will occur that relationships with two people who are of the same race will not experience.  There may be a lot of concerns from family members, and society has a voice that can be unfriendly.  Communication is required so you and your date do not lose site of your relationship and the love you may have for each other.  As long as an open line of communication remains in tact, your relationship will be strong and difficult to destroy. 


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