If you do stick your foot in your mouth – how to fix it, or…how not to be clueless!

Try to be kind and loving to the bride-to-be and groom-to-be just before the wedding date. The immeasurable stress of attempting to merge two different families, meeting the (often self-imposed), expectations of everyone concerning the engagement dinner, wedding venue, wedding court – Best man, Maid-of-honor, groomsmen. bridesmaids, rehearsal dinner, invitations, ceremony, vows, reception style and seating plan, and the toasts – just to name a few potential bombs that could go off at any time…

Let’s just review the Top Ten things a person with their heart and brain intact most likely would never, should never say a week before the wedding.

10) Any sentence that begins, “If I were you I’d…” Sounding like unsolicited advice, it probably is, and probably is never an acceptable way to begin, but…especially avoid this phrase at a time when he or she is privately self-doubting every imaginable detail about themselves, in the throes of pre-wedding jitters.

9) I Lost Our Wedding Bands! Unless you are planning this strategically because you want to call off the wedding, it’s best not to share this information with your so-to-be partner. Solve the problem on your own. Explanations can happen after the ceremony or during the honeymoon. This is too easily misunderstood as a superstitious omen, just don’t.

8) Are you planning on Losing Weight for the Wedding? It doesn’t matter who you are, this type of question is off limits to everyone, the closer it is to the wedding date, the more hateful, inappropriate, even spiteful, your question will appear.

7) Weather forecasting about the honeymoon destination… If you happen to have the perfect solution, you should still not be the “nay-sayer”, to announce a pending hurricane or bad weather of any kind, predicted for the wedding or honeymoon. If it is necessary for someone to discuss this with the bride or groom, it should be in private, and by a person very close to them, who has thought of possible solutions to avoid a panic.

6) I can’t remember my vows! Instead of going to your future spouse about this panic, select a trusted member of your wedding party to help you with this. It would be better to show up at the alter with tiny note cards, then to start your partner worrying about if you are emotionally avoiding your vows out of fear of commitment.

5) You hate his or her best friend. Think about how this poorly timed confession could snowball… This will not end well! Considering that this person is also likely to be a key member of the wedding party, save it for another time.

4) You think your partner’s best friend is hot! Worse! This is certainly not the right time for these kinds of reveals, even if there ever could be a good time – it’s not now!

3) I’m sorry, I should have told you sooner… Well, if you didn’t, whatever the reason – why on earth would you suddenly decide to speak up now? Be prepared that these kinds of revelations will never work out the way you intend, one week before the wedding – unless your intention is to commit global chaos! Do not trust you feelings while you are in the middle of a stress ritual that brings every man and women to the brink.

2) Guess who I ran into last night? I pity the person who can’t help themselves, but have to utter every thought that comes into their heads. Strangely enough, some people actually think bringing up seeing the bride or groom’s lost love from the past is a good idea. Unless you want to be labeled a wedding terrorist, keep it to yourself.

1) Are you sure this is what you want dear? Often the very question a dad or mom is dying to ask their bride or groom child. Think about this, why haven’t you felt comfortable asking this question sooner? The reasons you didn’t then, are the very same reasons you should not now, time’s 100!

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