Understand the Structure of Your Friend’s Ongoing Relationships Before Getting Into the Matchmaking Business for Him!

Be sure that you are aware if whether your friend is in any type of serious relationship before attempting to set him up witha new date. If he is in any type of serious relationship, setting him up with someone new would not be appropriate, as it might interfere with his existing relationship.

Your Gay Male Friend May Be Content As He Is

Not everyone is into being matched up. Your gay friend might be intentionally avoiding any sort of permanent relationship status in favor of socializing with friends, family, and business associates. A permanent love interest just might not be something he wants. Regardless of how important the permanent relationship would be to you is not important; the focus is on your gay friend and what he feels about a permanent relationship.

Don’t Presume to Know What He Is Looking For In a.Partner or Even Just a One-time Date

Realize that just because another friend is gay, that other gay man might not be the right match as a date for your first gay friend. What will most likely be the primary attracting factor will be a common attribute other than sexual orientation.

Remember that to Some Guys, Dating is Just a Way to Have Fun and Meet New People and Does Not Necessarily Indicate a Search for a New Partner or Relationship

Your gay friend might not consider himself incomplete without a permanent partner. Even though you consider that type of relationship fundamental for happiness, your friend may just consider dating options as another way to have fun. Your role in this situation, now that you have become involved, is to present potential dates for your gay male friend to consider.

Just Because Your Choice of Dates for Him Does Not Work Out Does Not Mean That You Are No Longer on the Same Wavelength.

After you find a date for yor friend, it is time to sit back and see how the date turns out for the guys. You have done your best to introduce your friends; it is now up to them to decide whether the chemistry between them is sufficient to support future meetings. If the men don’t decide to continue the relationship with a second date, there is nothing further that you can do, or should do.

Whether or not you are successful at setting up your gay male friend with a date, the most important thing about the experience is your friendship

Your friendship needs to survive the match-making episode regardless of whether the match-making effort is successful. You are not friends to provide dating options for your friend, and your friendship shouldn’t survive or fail because of it. Successful friendships outlive attempts to arrange relationships with potential new partners. The important things that should come out of thie experience is a good laugh and maybe a new friendship for the future for your friend.

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