10. Same Book, Same Chapter

You and your spouse should always be on one accord.  If you’re here, and they’re there, it’s going to be a long marriage, if you can somehow make it work.  You may not see eye to eye on many things, but essentials, such as children, finances, and intimacy need to be addressed and figured out.

9. Acknowledge the Expectations

You have them, and surely your spouse has them.  Let each other know the expectations you have of the marriage and both of you need to try to uphold your end of the bargain, as long as the expectations are reasonable.

8. Don’t be a mad Sleeper

Sure, there will be arguments and disagreements, but this should not determine the outcome of your relationship.  Every relationship encounters problems and issues, but you should never go to sleep angry.  You never know when you will get a chance to work out your problems and set the record straight.

7. Don’t be Selfish

Everyone is guilty of being selfish every once in a while.  You may not want your spouse to hang out with their friends or be active with social media, but your spouse has a life just as well as you.  You can’t always have your cake and eat it too.  Just because you are married, it does not mean your social life comes to an end.  Your spouse may have had many of their friends before they met you, and it’s wrong to tell them they can’t see them or be around them because of marriage.

6. Forget 50/50

For many years, people have been making the 50/50 statement where one partner gives 50 percent and the other partner gives 50 percent to make a whole of 100 percent.  Let that statement fly out of the window.  A marriage is all or nothing which mean both partners give 100 percent or the marriage isn’t worth having.

5. Learning to Improve

Everyone makes mistakes, but when you continue to make the same mistake, there is a problem.  Make a mistake, but learn from it so you will not make the same mistake. Improve on the good in yourself, but learn from the mistakes you make and become a well-rounded person.

4. Show Appreciation

Showing appreciation is not about showering your spouse with I love you gifts.  Showing appreciation is about sharing your feelings and expressing your love for one another.  Don’t get caught up in the hype of a lot of movies.

3. Keep your Business to Yourself

It’s very difficult to do, but all of your friends and family should not be aware of every single event that occurs within your relationship whether it’s good or bad.  Some things should stay between you and your spouse.

2. Respect One Another

You may not agree with something your spouse says or does, but it’s your job to respect the way they feel.  Your thought process is not going to be the same as your spouse’s, and that’s something you have to accept and respect.

1.Communicate Regularly

Communication is the key to an everlasting relationship and making it through the first year of marriage.  Communicate and express the way you feel.  Don’t talk just because you are mad.  Talk to your spouse when you are happy.  An open line of communication is a sign of a healthy relationship. 

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