So it’s true. Men actually do pay attention to what women wear on their feet. Aside from keeping your pretty piggies groomed, men also notice the shoes you’re wearing and overall, there are 5 particular kinds of shoes men find the most unattractive.

The organization,, conducted a survey of 2,103 men from the States and came up with the top 5 footwear men find the least sexy. Do you have any of the following offenders in your closet? If so, it may be time to go shoe shopping.

5. Flip-flops

Sure they look great with a bikini on your way to the snack bar at the beach, but flip-flops are just too causal, sometimes even for jeans. When a woman who doesn’t live on the beach wears flip-flops all the time, it’s like she has given up on even trying to make her legs and feet loo sexy. They provide no arch for the foot which in turn gives a woman shapely, sexy legs. The soles get dirty fast and the styles just aren’t as sexy as pretty pumps or even sneakers that give an added bounce to your step. Remember flip-flops work some of the time, but not most of the time so when in doubt, skip the flip-flop.

4. Platforms

That giant sole stuck to the bottom of your shoe is a real problem for men. Not only does it give you too much added height; it looks like you’re on your way to boot camp, witch camp, or starting a new a career as a go-go dancer. While the arch may give your leg a sexy, shapely curve, the giant, ugly platform that’s doing it diverts his attention away.

3. Crocs

Clunky, plastic, full of holes, and named after a ferocious man eating reptile, it’s not surprising that men find Crocs undesirable. They’re cuet on kids, but unless you’re an adult obsessed with gardening who has just run out of dirt, there is no reason to ever wear these shoes again. Ever.

2. Uggs

Uggs may have gotten their name from “ugly” because that’s exactly what men think of them. These boots that some people wear year round, look like shapeless blobs of recycled stuffed animals. If you have a pair of these in the mudroom, it’s time to ditch them and get a stylish pair of boots to keep your beautiful feet warm and sexy a the same time.

1. Wedges

The number one shoe that men find the most unattractive is the wedge. A wedge shoe, to be simply explained, is a shoe with an enormous wedge under it. There’s no gap anywhere, it’s just shoe, and shoe, and more shoe. It’s like the shoe is consuming your foot – a very disturbing picture for your date. Instead of trying to add height and curve with a wedge, choose a classic, sexy high-heel. You can never go wrong with high-heel shoes; they make you look sexy, men love them, and they’re sure to get your feet some lovely, lovely attention.

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