one of the greatest benefits of the digital revolution is the ease with which people can meet each other. There are a lot of benefits of using online dating sites to find a special person. You can communicate with new people from the safety of your home instead of having to go out to clubs and pubs. However, there are some disadvantages to dating online.

Be Safe Online

You should always be cautious of anyone asking you to send him or her money for emergencies. Thousands of people are taken advantage of every year, because they think they’re helping an online friend. The person may ask you to help them get back to England from some foreign country. People may also tell you that they or their family members are having medical emergencies. These con-artists are known as artists for a reason. They will fabricate the most amazing stories imaginable to tug at your heart strings, but you should remember that its just a scam. Unfortunately, extortionists aren’t the only threat you may face when dating online so you need to be cautious.

Before Meeting in Person

Before you meet anyone online, you should chat with them via video conference with a service like Skype. You still need to be cautious though, because you don’t really know this person. If and when you agree to meet with someone in person, it should only be under certain conditions. First off, you should only agree to meet during the day so anyone with ill motives will be less likely to try something. Secondly, you should only meet in a place with a lot of other people like Trafalgar Square.

Bring Friends

There are instances where someone’s schedule only permits them free time at night. In these cases, you should still meet somewhere with a lot of people. You should also bring a few friends with you to detour any plots against you. This is especially true for women who’re going to meet men. If you can, get a brother or a male cousin to accompany to your first meeting, and tell the other party you’re not coming alone. You should also let a lot of friends and family know where you’re going. Make sure these people have pictures of the person you’re going to meet. The chances of something bad happening to you are very slim, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If someone nabs you, having a few photos of the person can help to ensure your safe return. Millions of people go on dates with friends that they’ve met online, and less than 1% ever have an issue. You shouldn’t be afraid to date someone who you met online, but you should take the necessary precautions.


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