First time dating is always a challenge to many people. Part of the reason is because you are meeting your date for the first time. You practically know nothing about your date’s preferences or dislikes. These simple steps are very important and can help prepare you for that first time dating experience with your partner. What you do or don’t do may lessen your chances for a successful date.

Pre-Dating Preparation

Before you first go out on a date with your new partner, you need to spend some time talking to your partner over the phone. This step will allow you to exchange lots of ideas and also enable you to know your partner a little better before your actual date. The truth is that the more you know about your date’s dislikes and preferences, the more likely that your first time experience will be positive. Through pre-dating discussion you will know exactly where your partner may like to go and what types of restaurant food your partner prefers.

Creating a great first impression with your appearance

Take care of your appearance by looking well groomed and prepared to meet your partner for the first time. A good haircut for men and a nice hair style for ladies will help. Wear a nice but simple outfit; don’t look too serious by overdressing yourself. Most people go out on dates wearing nice casual clothes unless if it was agreed in advance that formal dressing are desirable for the occasion. Make sure that whatever you wear is clean and fits well. Touch up with nice cologne or perfume for that great soothing and inviting smell. Don’t overdo it with a very loud fragrance, they tend to overwhelm either your partner of others around you.

Be Courteous to your partner

Respect your dating partner and treat them with courtesy at all times. Men can demonstrate good behavior and manners by offering to open and close car doors or restaurant doors for their dates. These little steps matters a lot for women. More importantly listen to your partner during conversations, and do not dominate him or her. It is very annoying when one partner does not show courtesy to their mate.

Communication is the King

Once you and your partner are on your way for your date stay engaged through very interesting conversation. Don’t over impress your partner with your talents and skills which at times may appear to undermine your partner’s intelligence. If your partner does not seem to be interested in your chosen conversation, you can switch topics. Good conversations will always help your evening in many ways. Ask questions about your partner’s life and achievements and compliment and praise them for such accomplishments. Great conversations confer hope and positive reflections on your partner.

Pay the restaurant bill when dinner is over

It is traditional for men to pay the restaurant bill at the end of dinner. It is generally expected even by female dating partners, that when men ask them out for a date that they would pay for the cost. Ladies may ask to help in paying for the bills but as an extension of courtesy to their dates, but it is almost certain that their male partner will elect to pay the bills.These simple steps outlined here will help make your first dating experience positive.

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