When it comes to online dating, it is essential that you trust your instincts when you are reviewing the profiles of potential dates. Always keep in mind that if something or someone seems to good to be true or if the things they say in their profile make you uncomfortable, it is best to move on to the next profile.

Whether you are new to dating online or you have been chatting with someone for a while and want to meet face to face, it is important to remember your safety is priority. Here are five important safety tips for online dating.

5.Lunch is usually safer than dinner. When you are meeting someone for the first time, face-to-face, it is best to meet for lunch. This will make it easy to end the date within a couple of hours, in case you begin to feel uncomfortable. It is also easier to avoid alcoholic beverages at a lunch date, which should always be avoided on your first meeting.

4. Whether you are just beginning to chat or you have been talking for a few months, never give out your home address or your work address. If you have both a cell phone and a home phone, use your cell phone number if necessary, but it is usually better to communicate through email until you have known them for a long while. Use email to make the date arrangements and confirm the date through email as well.
3. When meeting for the first time, make sure you park in an area where you will have easy access to your car. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable, you should get up and leave. Do not go to a place where you may feel trapped or helpless, with no way out.

2. Never divulge any information about your finances, give out bank information or your social security number. If you choose to meet someone in person, take just enough cash with you to pay for half of your meal and cab fare. Do not take credit cards or debit cards with you and make sure you leave your drivers license and other personal information locked in the trunk of your vehicle; do not take these items inside the restaurant with you.

1. The most important safety tip to always remember is, never go on a face-to-face date with someone you meet online without telling someone where you are going. Make sure a friend or family member knows exactly where you are going, what time you planned to meet and what your date’s name is. If possible have a friend on standby to call you after a specific amount of time or make arrangements to call someone to let them know you are okay.

If at anytime you feel uncomfortable, end the conversation or the date. You do not owe an explanation for stopping the date. Try to be polite if you are ending the date because you aren’t interested, but if you are fearful or uncomfortable, leave immediately.


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