When it’s a good idea to show up with a gift, and what are your choices?

Ok, it can happen to the best of us, everything was going great on your date. Suddenly your mouth opened and the weird thing you were thinking, for no reason just came out. It was as if you mouth had disconnected to your brain. Then it seemed like everyone in the room got silent. So, what are you going to do? It’s been two days and your date never called back. This one is going to cost you!  Time to get into the car and do some serious shopping.

What say’s “How stupid am I? Can you forgive me?”

10)  Depending on how long you’ve been dating, this could be the perfect time to make your date a personalized scrapbook of all your fun times together. You might have to take the time to download your cell phone photos into your laptop and print them out!

  9)   Never show up at the door empty handed, make a nice basket of ingredients for dinner, like a pasta and salad basket, or wine, cheese and sashimi, or beer and tacos. Do not bring prepared food! If you want some time for making up – cook it together.

  8)   Pick up a Bonsai tree or Bamboo plant for luck. Use the “forkie thing” for the message card to insert sports tickets, movie tickets or another favorite thing you like to do together.

  7)   Get a picture frame, with a photo of yourself, create a silly memento that has a rope around your neck, devil’s horns, a hammer hitting you – and write a funny caption about how you must be punished…

  6)    Dress up in role reversal clothes or clothes of the opposite sex, guy with a dress or gal with a man’s suit – hold up a sign at the door that says “I’ve walked a mile in your shoes and I’m sorry”, or  “Please let me in before your neighbor sees me?”

  5)    Go to the pet store and find a pet that you know the guy or girl of your dreams would love, a puppy, a parakeet, a tarantula – put a tiny bow on it, with a note that says “I’m sorry”

  4)    Get a good sized blackboard or white erase board and write a message 100 times like “I will never say that again!”  or “I love you just the way you are.” or ” Your best friend is nice!”  You get the idea…

  3)    Decorate his or her car, make sure you use safe, washable car decor paints or markers…you are already in enough trouble!

  2)    Have deliveries sent to his/her home or workplace – if appropriate – and each day make it different, snack basket, fruit bouquet, favorite candy, just a card of apology…

  1)    Ok you know what you said, it’s time to bring out the big guns – call the cruise lines,  rent a cabin or beach house, send in the Mariachi’s!  

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