If cougars and their younger counterparts have one thing in common, it’s this: the most important sex organ of your body is your brain.  Use it, and there’s plenty of fun to be had, whatever the age of the man is whom you choose to pursue.  Even with as much as things have changed over time, older women can come out ahead in more ways than one.  The best, perhaps, is the fact that great sex with younger guys is one of the high points of cougar dating, one point that can be enhanced further by keeping these points in mind.

*  Remember the brain.  It’s been said a million different ways, but the truth is still the same: if you want to be sexy, feel sexy.  And if you want to feel sexy, make yourself believe it.  It’s really that easy.  On the other hand, if you’re preoccupied with what you are wearing, the age disparity between you and your cub, stretch marks and whether your butt is wrinkly, your concerns will show through to him.  Be sexy and you will come across as sexy.

*  Be aware of your body.  The natural place to begin with thinking of yourself as a sexy woman is to be more aware of what your body looks like.  This is not to say that you are consumed with your body’s imperfections.  After all, nobody is perfect, but you can be more aware of what you look like.  The next time you walk past a mirror or the reflection in a window, check yourself out.  Do you carry yourself well, with your head and shoulders back and your chest out?  When you walk, do your hips move from side to side?  

*  Create a sexual ambiance.  Make it easy to tell that you are in the mood.  Light the aromatherapy candles.  Put out the rose petals.  Draw a nice hot bath with your favorite essential oils in it.  Put on some nice music.  Now make your way into the luxurious water.  Better yet, when he arrives, invite him in to join you.

*  Break out the lingerie.  No man can resist sexy lingerie, even if it means that you won’t be wearing it for long.  

*  Be safe.  When you have been through menopause or not, you still need to protect yourself from STDs.  For that reason, make sure that you have latex condoms on hand.  Unfortunately, sexually transmitted diseases are a sad part of life in this era, a risk that goes up the more partners you have.  Be safe rather than sorry.  

*  Be confident.  It’s been said a million different ways and a million different times, but confidence in yourself will make or break you.  Have it and you will be unbeatable.

Use your head.  The passion will follow. 


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