The dating world is an open sea, although sometimes it may feel like a little pond at the moment. However, there are some categories that variations fall into which are guaranteed to be a headache and problem. The ones to avoid are:

  • Narcissists – It’s all about them, including you. Nothing is a higher priority but their self.
  • Haters – This type of man involves a lot of pent up rage, and it often comes out in a bad relationship moment.
  • Egoists – These characters put down others to feel better. That bitterness can easily be redirected toward a partner.
  • A Bit Too Perfect – If everything seems too right with this type, it’s probably true. Something is being faked, so beware.
  • The Baggage Type – This guy has lots of unsolved problems and is looking for the next helper to unload on.
  • The Criminal – Bad boys can be fun adventures, but they eventually drag down everybody around them, and the law easily charges accomplices as well.
  • The Addict – Whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or what not, an addict is extremely hard to cure, no matter how much patience one has.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but these characters are known category problems. Date to have fun, not to get a headache.


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