The most romantic gifts are the kind that let your significant other know that you are listening and paying attention to what they want and what they are in to. This is what people mean by, “thoughtful gifts.” You are not just buying something random, but rather truly listening to them over the months so that when Christmas rolls around you can pick out something that they specifically will find extra special.

5. A Goody Basket of Their Favorite Candy and Snacks.

This gift takes a little homework and paying attention. What kind of sodas or drinks do they like? Do they prefer sweet snacks like candies or salty snacks like chips or beef jerky? You can collect this information without seeming too obvious. Just slip a question in every now and then during regular conversation and take mental notes when they mention something they love to snack on. When they see their own personalized goody basket with their favorite stuff, they will know how much you care.

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4. A Snuggle Basket

A snuggle basket is actually two gifts in one. First pick a bottle of their favorite wine (or other drink) buy a copy of one of their favorite romantic movies, then tuck in a cozy new throw blanket. When your love opens this gift they will be anxious to share it with you on a snowy evening.

3. A Trip

If your budget allows, and the two of you have reached this point in the relationship, nothing is more romantic than a few days away together in a cozy winter cabin, or maybe you would like to head to warmer weather with a sandy beach house. You can make it extra fun buy disguising your gift as a prize they have won, in the mail. They will be so surprised when they figure out it is actually a gift from you

2. A Year of Love

Romantic gifts do not have to be expensive. Some of the best gifts are inexpensive and straight from the heart. A simple, inexpensive way to show someone how much you love them is to literally tell them all year long with a “Year of Love” jar. Take a simple jar, decorated anyway you like, and on 365 small slips of paper write different reasons you love your sweetie, things that make them special to you, or beautiful memories you have shared. Each day of the next year your love can wake up and read one of your mini love notes.

1. Make Your Love Story

Every one dreams of having their own personal love story, if you have found yours with your love, then make it into a real love story using sites like Shutterfly where you can use photos and text to make a one of a kind, personalized book telling your special love story.


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