Meeting your new dating partner could be exciting but there is also that nerve racking feeling of not knowing what to expect. Establishing good relationship with your new date could be achieved if you work at such goal right from the beginning. New relationships often break up within the first five months. It is therefore important to nurture your new relationship by building very strong foundation upon which such relationship will thrive over time. A good foundation often facilitates how strong a relationship could be and how long it may last. This article lays the foundation upon which you should lay your own foundation for strong relationship with her.

Explore her world

Once you begin getting acquainted with one another, it is so important to explore her world of what things excite and interest her. Figure out what she likes doing at her spare time and work to accommodate such interests in your own plans so you can occasionally be with her when it is convenient. This is one great way to lay a solid foundation for the relationship. In normal circumstance your partner would also reciprocate by being a part of your own events sometimes.

Trust, Trust and Trust

I cannot say it enough here but strong and enduring relationships have so much in common. They are built on a foundation of trust, which is inevitable and crucial for any relationship. Developing trust in your partner is a slow process but will happen over time. Believe her and what she tells you, and more importantly let her know and feel that you truly believe in what she tells you. Make every effort to continue the process of trusting one another. If there is no trust, there will not be an enduring relationship which could stand the test of time.


Building strong relationship means lots of communication exchanges between both partners. This ties up again with the question of building trust, which could be best achieved through strong communications. You can begin the process of establishing strong communications with your partner right from the onset of the relationship. Even when there are disagreements which may be inevitable in all relationships, you must agree to disagree respectfully and move on. This could be achieved through communications. Decide on issues that are of concern to you and sit down with your partner and discuss and iron things out. Anger could build up when communications are ignored and important issues to both partners may never be discussed.

Give space to one another

Let your partner know that you have great deal of trust in her. Give her some breathing space so as not to wear her out. This is one more way to demonstrate your trust in her. Both of you should spend time away from one another, hang with your friends occasionally and let her do so with her friends. Seek for ways to let her find other things that makes her happy, by giving her some room to do things of interest to her. These steps would strengthen your relationship in many ways and will help you establish that strong relationship with your new dating partner over time.


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