You can be certain that you will experience beauty, culture and history when you visit New York City. This famous venue contains all that is new in each of those areas, and more. You will additionally encounter superior dining opportunities, trending theater offerings, and above-average shopping experiences as you let yourself experience and be changed by this ultimate city extravaganza and urban Mecca.

To be able to get the most out of your trip, it is important to decide the ultimate purpose of the trip in advance as much as possible to be able to set your destination and experiential priorities so that you can be pleased with your progress at the end of your day. This beautiful museum, with its comprehensive holdings which range from old Masters’ works to the newest of the new can provide you with a self-tour of art education in a day, or preferably longer if possible.Moving along the culture panorama of New York City, the theater offerings including what is current on the Broadway Stages are items worth seeing to catch a feel for what is up-and-coming on the live theater circuits.

Don’t forget to include a look at the off-Broadway offerings as well! The symphonic stage and orchestral milleu should also not be missed. New York City is home to excellent major orchestras as well as elegant chamber music happenings which should be kept in mind when arranging a day of music. The New York Public Library should also be considered as a venue for educational entertainment for all ages. You can always expect to get a fresh blast of culture when you visit MOMA–New York’s cutting edge Museum of Modern Art.You must experience all that New York has to offer for your appetite as well as your other senses.

The vast array of foods and treats and beveridges and treats is without parallel. From well-stocked food trucks to family food stands and exquisite out of the way cafes, there is something to please even the pickiest of eaters in New York City,You can also make your peace with horrifying recent history by visiting the recently re-opened World Trade Center, newly reconstructed at Ground Zero and standing as an homage to the fallen heroes and building.

Historic depictions of the horrific event and its aftermath can be seen and felt as the new tower continues to stand in honor of the past hurts and present successes.New York City is full of other history, from its beginnings on Wall Street to the growth of the city as a whole. Just walking the streets and glimpsing the many architectural achievements shows a wealth of information about city growth and neighborhood advancement. Take the time to walk some of the streets to see what the city has to offer at eye-level.

Expect to see history at every turn, and to see some famous people on every street. Open yourself up to the bustle and wonder that are New York. There is no other city exactly like it on the planet, for better or worse. Embrace it for what it is!
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